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Beautiful and healthy hair is a dream for all people exactly for women to support their appearance. So it needs good treatment care and painstaking to get healthy hair and easily set. It does not have to be in the salon, there are many ways you can take care of your hair to stay healthy, soft, and beautiful with a sparkling good habit.

To make hair healthy and shiny, it needs intense routine maintenance. Then how do we treat hair easily without the hassle of using and buying expensive products for hair care needs. Here are tips on how to take care of your hair in your daily life easily:

1. Do not apply color hair too often

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Hair needs to breathe and there is a break to take a break from chemicals such as substances in coloring products or hair dye. Its habits will make hair more difficult to manage because of conditions that are damaged and unhealthy because of chemicals.

2. Reduce in using a hot clamp and hair dryers

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Hair that is often dyed or dried using a hairdryer can usually make the hair become damaged and dry. This is caused by exposure to high heat temperatures continuously. It will eliminate the moisture in the scalp layer of hair. As a result, hair becomes dry, matted, and rough.

3. Use the appropriate product hair type

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The third way to take care of your hair is to know what type of skin your hair tends to be normal, dry and oily. Therefore, you are aware and adjust for caring hair products such as shampoo, masks, hair vitamins, and conditioners according to your hair needs in everyday life. By using hair care products that are suitable for your hair. It can repair damage to the hair such as hair loss, broken hair, and also split ends.

4. Comb the hair properly

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The fourth habit of caring for hair is to pay attention to the way you comb your hair properly. Hair combing habits are also very influential in the health of your hair. Keep in mind, if the right way to comb is to comb the ends of the hair first and then the top in a slow way. This is because combing from top to bottom can first make hair fall out and break curly hair. Then also avoid combing your hair when your hair is still wet.

5. Do the massage for your skin hair

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The fifth habit of caring for hair is doing the habit of massaging the skin especially after shampooing. There are many purposes and benefits when we massage the skin of the hair, namely to launch blood circulation to the scalp, prevent hair loss, and rejuvenate hair cells that have been dry and damaged. Even better, you can also use olive oil or hazelnut oil in the massage process. As a result, the hair will feel warmer, softer, smoother, and stronger. In addition, you will also feel comfortable in the process of calming reflection through massage.

6. Taking D vitamin

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D vitamin is a vitamin that is not only a source of calcium and makes bones healthy but also for healthy hair. There was a 2012 study in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine, quoted by the Healthline website, explaining that D vitamin can help create follicles or small pores for new hair. How to get vitamin D intake is by consuming mushrooms, salmon, grains, low-fat milk, and drinking orange juice. Not only that, the habit of drying the body in the morning is a simple way for the body to produce D vitamin. Therefore, it makes your hair healthier.

7. Using sunscreen hair

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The next hair treatment is to use hair sunscreen to protect hair from UVB and UVA rays. It is exposed directly to sunlight. This can make the hair more dry and dull. So there needs to be protection for your hair. In addition, of course, we must also pay attention to sunscreen products according to the type of hair skin, for example for thick hair types, choose a sunscreen hair product with a liquid texture. Then it is easy to absorb and does not make the scalp oily. As for thinner or bald hair, use sunscreen hair with a thicker cream texture.

8. Using aloe vera gel

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Aloe vera is a natural ingredient for soothing dry scalp and nourishing hair. Besides, aloe vera provides benefits to stimulate hair growth, avoid hair loss and damage, and overcome dandruff on the hair. Aloe vera can be said as a plant that is rich in nutrients. Aloe vera contains many vitamins and minerals the body needs such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, to iron. This is the reason why aloe vera is widely used for making beauty products.