The Considerable Travel on the Small Budget

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Traveling may be one of the most enjoyable activities in life, besides shopping. This is because traveling has enormous benefits in our mental health in our daily lives. That way we will not be stressed if we go traveling later.

However, sometimes the problem before we do this activity is the budget costs that we will spend on the traveling activity. Especially if the place we want to visit is quite far from where we are. Then usually the big-budget will be in transportation and accommodations.

Not to mention added if it turns out that the place has a different currency value from our country. Then the difference in the exchange rate will certainly be very influential at all when you want to do transactions there later. Like when you want to visit an appropriate tour, buy food or drinks, souvenirs, or public transportation that we use there later.

Even so, that does not mean we can’t travel at all with a small budget. It’s just that, in order for us to do that, we must be good at seeing opportunities and taking them before they just disappear before us. Because of the opportunity, very rarely come as much as 2 times in the near future.

Therefore. So here are some considerations you can take that you can travel with a budget that is not so big. Besides, you can save money while traveling, your desire to do activities with traveling will not wait too long. It is because you have to wait for a lot of money to be able to travel.

Take advantage of promos from airlines

Air transportation is usually enough to be excellent for the traveler when they want to visit a place far away that they want to visit. That’s why let you know what airlines serve flights from your place to where you want to visit. Try registering your email with the airline and subscribing to the airline’s mailing list.

Because ordinarily marketing activities such as promo offers will definitely be done by the airline via email for people who subscribe to their mailing list. Wait for really attractive and cheap promos from airlines. If you find it, don’t hesitate to pick it up again.

Take advantage of every promo from the hotel and flight booking application

In this highly sophisticated era, almost all activities in daily life cannot be separated from technology and smartphone devices. From matters of ordering food, paying bills, to hotel and airplane bookings, everything can be done online in an application. Try to look for promos offered by applications that provide hotel and flight booking services.

Normally, at any given time, moment, or anniversary of a certain date, there will be a promo offer for its users. That way, you can monitor roughly the price of the ticket when you want to go with the price offered along with existing promos.

Take advantage of promo offers from debit and credit cards

Today, transaction activities begin to be cashless. Although there are still some people who use cash, but the use of cashless such as using debit cards and credit cards. It is when making transactions has also become an option for most people. To encourage these activities, of course the bank will offer promos for customers who conduct non-cash transactions.

Therefore, try to find any offer that can help you in realizing your desire to travel. Usually, the promo is given in the form of discounts when buying airline tickets or hotels using a credit card or debit card, exchange points. From the results of transactions from credit cards and debit cards, and other offers.

Take advantage of visa-free countries

A visa is proof of your stay in a temporary place for a certain period of time. The cost of making a visa also depends on the policy of the place you want to visit. Sometimes it’s expensive, sometimes it’s cheap. To anticipate these additional costs, try to find a place that exempts visas for tourists who come. That way you will not incur additional costs for your travel activities.

There are so many places you can visit without a visa, of course. So, you can choose carefully and in accordance with the tastes of the places you want to visit immediately.

Take advantage of low season

Even though it won’t be crowded by other tourists like you, choosing the time to visit during the low season is the best choice. So you can travel with a small budget. Because, the difference in price between low season and peak season can reach 2 times or more. It is depending on the destination you want to visit, whether including favorite places or not.

Take advantage of celebrations on certain days

Every place must have a certain day celebration. It’s usually there are events and also large-scale promo offers. Now at that time, you can also take advantage of the moment to be able to travel with a low-cost budget to the place. For example, the day of celebration of independence in that place.

Both the government or the local residents will definitely provide a fairly large promo price that you can take advantage of. Although this is actually intended for residents around it. There is no prohibition for foreign tourists like you to be able to enjoy the promo too.

Take advantage of public transportation and walking

When in the place you want to visit, try to use public transportation as much as possible. This is because the cost of public transportation is certainly cheaper than other transportation such as renting a private vehicle or using a taxi. Just use a taxi only when it’s really important at that time.

In addition, you can also take advantage of walking to travel. Walking has also sometimes become its own culture for people in a place. If the place you visit has a walking culture, then try to use this method to save your expenses for other purposes.

Take advantage of the usual stall or minimarket

If you want to buy necessities or food and drink while you are in the place you are visiting, try selecting a small mini-market stall. In addition to being cheaper, you can also find it around your lodging location. Do not shop at the supermarket or mall, because of course, the price will definitely be more expensive.

By following these suggestions, you can certainly do travel activities with a small budget. Happy traveling.