5 Special Steps to EASY Meal Planning For You

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Are you trying to find easy meal planning? You must be bored with your daily routine meal which you have every day, thus you come here to obtain some new insights about it. Sometimes it is difficult and time-consuming whenever you try to choose what to eat for lunch or dinner. For you who are busy people, it is also not easy to have free time to prepare what to eat for the week. Besides, the most interesting fact is that it happens every time you want to eat, is that right? You always wonder whether there are any guides that can help you plan your everyday meal. Well, here I will provide you that information! After reading this, I bet you just need only 15 to 20 minutes in one day just to prepare your meal for the entire week.

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1. Get a weekly meal planner

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The best way to begin your meal-planning journey is getting a weekly meal planner. You can make it on your own or simply download it from the internet. There are many templates you can print. After printing the weekly meal planner sheet, it will be easy for you to write down all the menus you want to make. It also helps you to organize the menus for the entire week. By organizing and writing it, not only you, but everyone in your house will know what food they will likely to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even tomorrow. Whenever they disagree with the upcoming menus you want to make for your family, you can easily delete it and change it before buying the ingredients to the grocery store.

2. Make a simple breakfast and lunch

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Although it is called a simple breakfast and lunch, it is not simple to choose as it says. Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed by the available options. By making a simple breakfast and lunch, it will save your time to plan your dinner menu. You also can use the same ingredients and themes for breakfast and lunch. I know it looks boring at first, but when you become accustomed to it, it will become a good habit for you and your family. Do not forget to plan a healthy menu for your breakfast and lunch, add some vegetables and juices into your easy meal planning. It will prevent you from menu boredom. Here are some options you can take for examples of simple breakfast and lunch:

  • Egg with avocado toast
  • Oatmeal with an egg
  • Egg muffins

You also can make the smoothies for your breakfast to make it a healthier menu for your busy morning. There are many smoothies list you can make, here I give you three of them:

  • Yogurt smoothie with berry
  • Banana smoothie with peanut butter
  • Strawberry parfait

All of these examples are just only choices, you can create it on your own by using the available menu on your fridge. 

3. Use up all ingredients in your refrigerator

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It is common if there are any leftovers in your fridge since you do not really plan your meal a week before. You can not use all of it and left them as long as possible in your refrigerator. Actually, it is wrong to leave the vegetables or other ingredients too long in the fridge, because it will reduce the vitamins and minerals on it. Then, what you can do is use up all the ingredients from your refrigerator. Maybe it looks weird if you try to match and combine some of them, but it is worth to try! It could boost your creativity to produce a new menu for your meal. By doing this, you will not let any waste coming from your fridge, because you have already used them all. 

4. Find new recipes online

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Yes! The best way to know how to make an easy meal planning is getting it by using the internet to find new recipes. You can get almost everything on the internet, and because of this, you will also get confused to choose what to make. I recommend you to take the most favorite recipe online and try to write it down and practice it. Do not forget to organize it on a good note so that whenever and wherever you need to make the menu, you can easily jump into your notes. By finding new recipes online, it will give you a new idea about what menu you probably have not made before, it gives you a brainstorming menu option.

5. Plan what to buy in a grocery store

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Last but not least is planning what to buy in the nearest grocery store. After writing all of the menus you want to make for the week, it is the perfect time for you to make a list of the ingredients from all of the menus. To save your personal time, you should make this list once a week, your time will be more efficient if you try to do this. When you write the list, you have to categorize each item that you want to buy, so that you buy the same things together with others. For example, if you write bananas, you have to make it in one category with oranges or other fruits, so that you buy those items together in one store. The function of categorizing is helping you to sort the list in a neat but straightforward way.

Have you found what you are looking for? After giving you the information about meal preparation, I know, you still need time to make meal planning as your daily or weekly habit. But, I hope you dare to try it in your life. It is a good habit and can make you a better person since you prepare what you want to eat each day. Enjoy your time and do not forget to try to make easy meal planning! I know it will not be easy at first, but what is not easy means something significant to do in your life.