10 Adorable Decorating Bedroom for Girl Ideas

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Need inspiration of bedroom for girl ideas to transform your ordinary bedroom décor? When you décor your bedroom girl, then you need to think about what they love and see the ideas of their bedroom from their perspectives. Their bedroom is not only places for sleep, but also to hide from rules and escapes from the real world. Here are some ideas of bedroom girl decorating and design to pick.  

1. Fun and cool bedroom girl ideas

bedroom for girl ideas
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The fun bedroom ideas that also give a signature for them that give an expression of their personality is a great idea. The bold and creative bedroom décor will excite them. 

  • Adding rattan swing or hanging chair
  • Create a chalkboard wall to make them able to express themselves. The chalkboard paint recently comes with various colors not only the black one. You can choose soft pink, yellow, and others
  • Adding bohemian canopy look 
  • Plush bedding 
  • Faux fur rug 
  • Hang the fringe accent 

2. Bedroom for your little girl 

bedroom for girl ideas
image source: diydecorcrafts.com

When you décor bedroom for little girls, it can be a delightful thing. She is not an infant or toddler anymore but not a teen yet. The elementary girl is fun, whimsy and a lot of happy. In this category, you need to create a bedroom that reflects her as “not a baby” but still remains childhood. Here are the ideas for a little bedroom. 

  • The colorful bedroom. A lot of girls love rainbow bedroom. Not all pinkish décor, but you can combine various color shades and keep some parts such as the floor and walls in neutral. You can add one accent wall and then go into bold color in small furnishings, bedding, and some accessories. 
  • Tropical bedroom color. This super happy sunshine intensity bedroom comes with cute wallpaper, stuffed animals doll, and basic furniture. The color combination of lime green, fuchsia pink and sunny yellow that steal the visual look. 

3. Teenage girl bedroom ideas 

bedroom for girl ideas
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The next ideas are for teenage girl bedroom ideas with distinctive style. most of the teenage décor their bedroom quite different, while one loves is brightly super color wall, the shabby chic look with floral and lines, the other wants the dark wall with edgy prints and neutral. 

  • Adding flash color to a neutral room. For simplicity design look, adding splash line color to the neutral color room. The entire room has white walls and a wooden floor. Grey curtains adding soft tone. The bold color comes from a red pillow, blanket, and ornament. 
  • Fun floral wallpaper with clean lines. The room is decorated with a combination of white, black and gray furnishing give contrast look to floral wallpaper. 
  • Eclectic and colorful room. With a ton of eclectic and chic storage in bright color make this room looks awesome. 

4. The multi-purpose bedroom 

bedroom for girl ideas
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The girl bedroom is a room where they can study, hang out and spend their time with friends. The social aspects become important in this room. In this bedroom you can creatively divide the space into the following areas:

  • Study area
  • Sleep area
  • Lounge area 

5. Small bedroom girl ideas 

bedroom for girl ideas
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When space is a challenge, then you need to corporate creative approaches to meet with the room goal. You can create a versatile bedroom in a small space by doing this:

  • Vertically oriented area. This work for the study area creates a small space for writing and the vertical space for storage. 
  • A small bench for versatile lounge put in bed’s footboard. 
  • Add pillows and rug in the corner to make the lounge area 

6. Hit the bedroom wall with bold 

bedroom for girl ideas
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The girl always loves vibrant and high energy rooms that fit with their active day. Their bedroom wall is the biggest area where you can touch and give creative decorative work. Here are some bedroom ideas for a girl in the area of the wall. 

  • Adding a bright accent color 
  • Printed wall 
  • Adding removable wall decals 
  • Adding a graffiti wall or paint to create an urban look 
  • Create quotes words in signs or neon 

7. Storage bedroom ideas

bedroom for girl ideas
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Let’s talk about the facts, the messy room seems becomes the most trouble in children’s bedrooms, including girls. It is important for creating a storage system that lets them organize their stuff and keep their room tidy and clean. 

  • Work with cabinet wall in surrounding bed
  • Get under bed storage drawer
  • Shelving options in walls 
  • Storage with benches or ottoman

8. The shared bedroom for two girls 

bedroom for girl ideas
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Each girl needs their privacy, even when they have a sister in the same bedroom. Here are some ideas for you to share your girls’ bedroom. 

  • If you have enough space for two separate beds, then make it and separate between two spaces with a study table or dresser in the middle. 
  • On the side, the bunk bed can be a great idea for shared the bedroom in a narrow space. The white finishing bunk bed and splashing color will be a perfect decoration idea. 
  • The rug in the middle, shelving in-wall and ottoman bench can be additional furniture that they can share or have by themselves. 

9. Canopy bedding ideas

bedroom for girl ideas
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Canopy bedding has wide decoration ideas you can apply. You can create a cozy bohemian look with canopy bed, the gothic look, or shabby chic look with the canopy. 

  • A princess style with sheer and lamp is glories décor to add
  • Get the rustic look by adding twig accent instead iron for hanging the canopy

10. Minimalist girl bedroom ideas

bedroom for girl ideas
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The minimalist style for your girl bedroom ideas can be a great transformation from teen to adult. The minimalist offers a modern, sleek and organized bedroom. 

  • The single bedroom attached to the wall, corner wood shelving for display book and items, and a study table from wood and Scandinavian chair are the first ideas that can steal for a minimalist look. 
  • A wall cabinet in the same height of the wall upside where the bed located can be an accent and bedding function as well. 


When décor and design your girl’s bedroom, the room should come with specific functions fit with their age and still look great. You can play with many decorating ideas below and combine two or more ideas to fit. The bedroom for girl ideas is demand for the personality reflection and expression from the owner.