20 travel tips to make you savviest traveler

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20 travel tips — It is always good to prepare everything precisely carefully in terms of traveling. This is done to avoid some unnecessary mistakes and trouble while you are away from your comfort zone. However, as careful as you can be, there will be even small elements of stress that get in your way.

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To be Savvy travelers

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Being savvy means knowing the know-how of doing something. In this case savvy traveler defined as a traveler that have a good understanding of all the elements in traveling as well as practical knowledge needed in traveling.

It is almost impossible to be a savvy traveler in your first traveling experience. This takes, a process from unawareness of different cultures, mistakes in behaviors, missing your transports to other small mistakes that you may or may not realize instantly. To be a savvy travelers takes a lot of mistakes and experiences, while not everybody can bear all of them that is why it will be a lot helpful to pay consideration to these 20 travel tips to help you minimize travel problems ad mistakes and become savvy travelers as soon as possible. Once you can overcome most of the potential problems, you will become savviest travelers who travel from one place to another without any difficulty in adjusting and adapting.

Tips to become savvy travelers

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The following 20 travel tips, if you diligently integrate them into your traveling plan, will help you to save money, save energy, sleep better, and be a better and smarter traveler.

1. Towel

Always keep in mind the phrase “you will never know”. This will save you many cases of unexpected things. Though many hotels or hostels may provide you one, it will never be sure. Wherever you go you may need one. Towels can be used in a variety of ways and bringing small ones will not give you that much extra weight.

2. Small suitcase or backpack

By having a small bag you will have to bring not only the important things. A backpack with around 40 liters size will do just right. This because having more space in your suitcase will make you think you need to bring something extra that you may not need. To avoid regret, this point is useful to you.

3. Light packing

Being away and being at home is a very different thing. You don’t need to change your T-shirt every day. As long as it still clean enough, it is okay to wear it over and over again. Bring half of what you think you will need. To pack light, you need to make a list of what’s important and then cut them down in half. With a small backpack or suitcase, you won’t have space to bring extra stuff.

4. Extra socks

Given where it is worn, socks will tend to get wet and dirty easily. It is important to keep your socks clean and dry if you don’t want to catch a cold. Besides, it feels good to have clean and dry socks right?

5. Extra credit card

In case something bad happened, having back up money on your credit or bank card will always helpful. 

6. No-fee Debit/Credit card

Get the cards with no-fee features in the foreign transaction. On a long trip, where you will do many transactions using your card, each cent that bank charges will mean a lot.

7. Use map

Getting lost always feel bad, simply don’t know where you go will give you an uneasy feeling in a new neighborhood. Use the map and ask for directions, even if it will make you very tourist-like.

8. Get lost in purpose

Wander around a new place, getting to know the unknown is adventurous yet super fun. You may find something different and create unique experiences by doing it.

9. Travel alone sometimes

It sounds scary at first, but there will be endless value and lessons you will learn as you are traveling by yourself. You will learn more about yourself and push you to be able to handle things. However, in traveling alone the safety factors must always come first.

10. Local tourism office

To visit a local tourism office may not be done by many travelers. This activity can afford you a lot of advantages since from the local tourism office you will find out many things about the place you are visiting. From free stuff, the events that are happening, to the best transportation to take to go places.

11. Limit what you carry

In case something happened, limit the cash and bank card you have with you. Leave others where you stay.

12. Bring lock

Have a lock with you will keep your stuff save especially in times when you share rooms in dorms with other travelers.

13. Learn the language

Learn the basic phrases from the native language. Important phrases will help, such as asking for the restroom. Your interaction with locals will be easier and it will help you in times needed.

14. Find Wi-Fi at these places

If you need an internet connection, go to cafes or Starbucks, they have free Wi-Fi that you can use.

15. Don’t eat at the tourist attraction

Food in the area with many tourists or near tourist attractions are most likely to have a higher price and worse taste. 

16. Bring a first-aid kit

In case accidents happen, always have a basic first-aid kit with you. 

17. Book early

To get the best price for your flights, book two or three months before your departure.

18. Pick Hostels

To save money, stay at hostels, they are a lot cheaper than star hotels. You will get to meet people and interact with them.

19. New food

Prepare for surprises from local food. Sometimes you need to try new tastes from foreign places, who knows you may like it.

20. Comfy shoes

You will walk much during your travel, it is important to have good and super comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy when you walk around.

While nothing is perfect, but you can still minimize the possibility of getting stressed out and be a savvy traveler by following 20 travel tips above.