10 Creative DIY Home Decoration

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First, we all know that home is always home forever. On the other hand, there is no place like our homes. Your area or space is the direct extension of your style, taste, and personality. You have a responsibility to make the best project from yourself to the world. Also, it will be beautifying your home and make you always happy and relax after a long day of working outside. For example, if you want to go to beaches but you cannot because of your work.

You are able to modify your home to get a perfect beach vibe. For example, you can go to the blue lantern or fairy pendant lights to get a cool beach sensation into your space. If you are a trekker, you can bring the green elements of the jungle into your home by having a lot of indoor plants. Even you can try DIY home decoration ideas below. 

Whether you move to new places or residences and start to decorate or you just need a new look. But you do not want to destroy your financial plan to get it. You should not be a worry at all. There are many people have many ideas until they start to love the type of colors that they use. 

If you need to consider your apartment layout, furniture style, and your aims. You need for each part or room and the overall composition in that room. Even if you live in a small apartment does not always mean that cannot be creative. Keep in mind that to realize a home style that you want, you do not need to spend much money on it. 

You should not give up easily. Having an affordable and chic apartment is very possible. The key is finding out the tricks that help you to save your money without saving on the style that you want. You will save more money on what is really necessary for you. 

There are many bloggers show you with such a knack of wowing you with their creative DIY projects – they will inspire you most. The problem is that there are many ideas are hard and cheap to replicate. There are some easy and cheap DIY projects that you can use as a reference. A bit of planning as far as materials will save more cash. 

1 Chalkboard in Wall Paint 

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You can place a blackboard anywhere where you can paint. Or you can hang the pre-made chalkboard with specific writings. This is great for your kid rooms and kitchen spaces. Usually, the paints were magnetic and provide you with more chances to get more creative. 

2 Floating Bookshelf 

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You can make a floating bookshelf from your book and wood wastes. Creating a great illusion that is eye-catching to appeal to your family and friends as well. 

3 Comfortable corner space 

image by pinterest

This is very comfortable to make and decorate. You need to place a chair features with the simple shelf made from the wood material. Do not forget to place the comfy pad and the corner can fill with the green element and gold things. Artistic art can be mounted on the gray wall. 

4 unique shelves 

image by pinterest

This is something very simple for your table also a shelf at the same time. It does not take much space just lay it out in a white wall and it tells you anything. The shelf combines dark black and brown wood elements. This is perfect to work on your project and add greenery element in the corner to complement a white background. 

5 Woody and open wardrobe

If you want something simple in wood material but still gives you a chic look. This is can be your reference. You can hang your clothes, store your pants, dresses, and even put your shoes on it in one place. There is even a closed drawer to keep your private items and a connected table to put your on-the-go accessories. 

6 Gray background and gray sofa 

image by pinterest

If you love a darker vibe and still not too dark as black, go with all-gray decoration. You can see the grey wall matches with a gray sofa in a darker shade. It shows you with the distinctive gray tones in a living room. Of course, indoor plants should be placed here. 

7 black corner display frame 

image by pinterest

If you have a weird corner in your room, you can go with this simple DIY project. This idea is perfect for the weird nook where you can display your photos, books and art piece here. The black color complements the white and gray walls along with wood surface tiles. 

8 Breakfast spot 

image by pinterest

If you love to get much sunlight during the day and go green followers, this is one of the cute things that you can do for sure. The white corner along with big windows provides you with much sunlight and the white wall will make your space looks brighter. This idea shows you with a more rustic vibe from the rattan chairs and accessories. Do not forget to put your plants here as the best-growing spot for them. 

9 wooden basket in the bathroom

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This is something that you may never imagine below but still worth it. Now, you are thinking that it looks cute and unique at the same time. Just bring your wooden baskets here and installed them to the wall as your towel storage. You can arrange them in scales and sizes. 

10 Stairway frame 

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This idea is so easy and can make your space looks unique along with the blue tone. It gives distinctive hue in your warm palettes. 

Of course, anyone wants to get a beautiful decorated house. You can imagine your friends and family amaze with those beautiful decorations and make them wondering how to do it. You can start with easy DIY home decoration first. Do not forget to give your personal touch that makes your home feels like a home. This article can be the best source and you can make an expert look based on your home design.